Searching in BibleWorks:


Information on how to search the LXX (and NT) may be found here:




To search Josephus you need to change the search version to JOM.  Try typing JOM on the command line and then typing the following: d c JOE JOS


·        That will have the display give you Josephus in English and Greek.  With JOM as the search version you can now do the same as you would in searching the LXX and NT.


For Philo make PHM the search version by entering PHM on the command line.  Then type: d c PHE PHI


·        That will cause the display to show Philo in Greek and English.  Again you can do the rest as for the LXX and NT.


English translations of the LXX, OT Apocrypha, Old Testament Pseudepigrapha, Philo, Josephus may also be searched using BibleWorks.


Choose the following as search versions (one at a time): LXE (also NRS for OT Apocrypha), OTP, JOE, or PHE


          Enter the following on the command line:

.(purif*). (/sin sins)

.(clean*). (/sin sins)        


Searching in Logos/Libronix:


In Libronix, go to “My Library” and open up the book you want to search (English translations of Philo, Josephus, the Old Testament Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha, the Dead Sea Scrolls).


Then choose the “Search” button and search for these two combinations:


clean* within 8 words sin               


purif* within 8 words sin


These will find places where words beginning with clean- [or purify-] appear within 8 words of words of the word “sin” (including “sins”)]



Searching books with


·        Note: Use of the best features requires an account with Amazon


You can search English translations of the Old Testament Apocrypha Pseudepigrapha and Mishnah using links found here:



For guidance on searching in Amazon see these links:

Amazon’s explanation of how it works.

More on searching and reading parts of books at



Assignment #2 – Old Testament and Jewish Backgrounds–Following the orientation given in class prepare a study of the meaning of John’s reference to “cleansing from sin” in 1 John 1:7 informed by a study of Old Testament and Jewish backgrounds to the theme:


1. Search for references to “cleansing from sin” in the OT and early Jewish literature (LXX and OT Apocrypha, Philo, Josephus, OT Pseudepigrapha, DSS, Mishnah).


2. Determine which references have to do with cleansing people from sin through blood/sacrifice (this is the context in which John expects us to understand his reference).


3. Determine what OT and Jewish authors understand “cleansing from sin” to mean in contexts where it is realized through sacrifice.


4. Write a two-page paper explaining and defending your conclusions and giving examples from (and a complete list of) relevant texts. The paper should be typed, double-spaced (except for extended quotes and footnotes), in Times New Roman, font size 12, with one-inch margins, pagination, footnotes, bibliography and proper recognition give to all sources of words or ideas found in the body of the paper.