New Testament Research Cheat Sheet

Prepared by James M. Darlack

GCTS Goddard Library Computer Databases

1. ATLA by Ebsco Host Research Database [includes indices of book reviews, journals and collected essays with some full text PDF and HTML articles, at; search by Scripture citation, topic or author, etc.]

2. ATLASerials by Ebsco Host Research Database [same indices as ATLA, but includes a few more full-text articles, at; search by Scripture citation, topic or author, etc.]

3. Religion and Philosophy Database†† [includes some full-text copies of some Masters' theses and many articles from the Evangelical Theological Society meetings, at (contact GCTS librarians for username and password)]

4. L’Année philologique [database of literature written on Classical Greco-Roman topics;]

5. Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG) [searchable full-text Greek texts including Josephus, Philo, Pseud., at]

6. Perseus†† [searchable full-text of many Greek texts, w. English trans., including Josephus, at]

7. Libronix: A plethora of useful and searchable secondary and primpary sources including Luther's Works, Calvin's Works, the Word Biblical Comm., Kittel, etc. Available only on a library computer on the first floor.

8. BibleWorks: Available on computer lab computers. Use to search NT, OT, LXX, Josephus, Targums, Dead Sea Scrolls; cut & paste)

9. Dead Sea Scrolls Electronic Reference Library [searchable full-text of English trans./Heb., Aram. & Grk. texts on Vol. 2; High resolution photos of all fragments and documents on Vol. 1.  Available only on a library computer on the first floor.]

10.           Soncino Judaic Classics [searchable full-text of Eng. & Heb. Talmud, Mishnah, Midrash Rabbah, Zohar; only on lib. 1st floor]

11.           Library’s List of Online Databases [list, links, description and access;]
Database available on any computer hooked up to the GCTS network, but not from home.
††Database available on any computer with online access.


Reference Works

1. Critical Commentaries (Word Biblical Com. [WBC], Hermenia, International Critical Com. [ICC], Baker Exegetical Com. [BECNT], Pillar Com. [PNTC], Sacra Pagina, New International Com. on the NT [NICNT] and Black’s (Harper’s) NT com. are in canonical order in the BS2000's; Anchor Bible Com. and other sets like the Expositor's Bible Com. are shelved by set near BS491.2.)

2. Old Testament Pseudepigrapha (note editions by Charles and Charlesworth; Grk., Lat. & Scripture indices BS1830; free Scrip. index; some Eng. texts for free at )

3. Josephus & Philo (Use TLG if possible, but if you want to use paper use the following: Rengstorf—Josephus PA4224.R4, Philo index PA4270.Z5 B67 2000; text & Engl. trans. PA3612; full Eng. texts free at )

4. Targums (Eng. BS709.2 .A72 1987; Sperber’s Aramaic text nearby; for Psalms Tg. see

5. Septuagint [LXX] (critical editions available BS741; English trans. BS742.B74; concordance by Hatch & Redpath BS1122.H3–find word in the LXX, or look up Heb. word that Grk. word translated and then look up the Heb. word in the DSS concordances.)

1. Dead Sea Scrolls (note critical editions, DJD, García Martínez' Eng. trans., concordances, etc., trans. by Wise Abegg & Cook contains index of OT citations BM487; see also Fitzmyer’s The Dead Sea Scrolls: Major Publications and Tools for Study Ref. Z6371.D4.F58)

2. Mishnah (Danby, Neusner; consult indices BM497.5; NT cross-reference index BM497.8.G52; Mishnah, Talmud & Tosephta in Heb. free at; if adventurous consult Germ. comm. by Strack & Billerbeck [Ref. BS2344.St8k])

3. Talmud (Soncino, OT references in the indices BM499.5–BM500; for questions about date, authorship and relevance consult Steinsaltz ref. guide [BM499.5.E5 1989 Ref. Guide] or Neusner’s Introduction to Rabbinic Literature [BM496.5.N4797 1994])

4. Midrash  (look up OT text in canonical order for Mid. Rabbah; consult index BM517.R3 A3; consult other collections, but pay attention to date! Full-text of Midrashim in Hebrew available for free at

5. Patristic Literature (concordance BR60.A65 K855; lexical index BR67.G6 1993; text & trans. PA3611; lexicon PA881; entire corpus of Ante and Post Nicene Fathers in Eng. available at

6. Lexicons (LSJ [see Perseus above], BDAG, Lampe's Patristic lexicon, analytical lexicons etc. PA881)

7. Theological Dictionaries (Kittel's TDNT PA881.T4313; Balz' EDNT BS2312.E913; Brown's NIDNTT BS2397.N48)

8. Grammars (Wallace; Blass, DeBrunner & Funk; Zerwick PA817; Rogers & Rogers BS1965.2 1998)

9. Text Criticism (Metzger's Textual Comm. BS2325.M43 1994; Aland & Aland for priority, date & description of text BS1937.5.A42 1995; NA27 and UBS4 available nearby)

10.           Bible Dictionaries (Anchor Bible Dict., Int’l. Stand. Bible Encyc., Interpreters' Dict. of the Bible, etc. BS440)

11.           Loeb Classical Library (Available downstairs in the moveable shelving; Greek texts PA3610 ff.; Latin texts PA6156)

12.           The SBL Handbook of Style (a very important source of info. for style, abbreviations, etc.; Ref. PN147.S26 1999)  


Bibliographic Resources

    Religious Index One (RIO) and Religious Index Two (RIT) are outdated and usurped by ATLA and ATLASerials (see above).

1. New Testament Abstracts (bibliographic island; PDF file available on upstairs computer)

2. Old Testament Abstracts (bibliographic island; database)

3. Langevin's Biblical Bibliography (analyzes journal articles, books and essays from 1930–75; bibliographic shelves).

4. Elenchus bibliographicus biblicus (bibliographic shelves)

5. New Testament Bibliographies (by book and by topic: Ref. Z7772)

6. Consult the works cited and footnotes of the commentaries and articles you find. If a reputable author has used a source, it is probably worth taking a look.