Resources for Biblical Preaching

Provided by Roy E. Ciampa, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of New Testament

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

South Hamilton, MA  01982




v       Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary’s Center for Preaching.

v       Annotated Old Testament Bibliography.  Prepared by M. Daniel Carroll R. and Richard S. Hess.

v       Bibliography for New Testament Exegesis.  Prepared by Drs. Craig L. Blomberg and William W. Klein.

v       Biblical Studies Resources at  Some of the hundreds of books that can now be searched on-line at Amazon, making that site a significant research tool.  Amazon now provides us with the equivalent to a full concordance to hundreds of books.  There are limits to how much Amazon will let you search and read.  Be prepared to come to a limit unexpectedly.  This link brings you to a list of works that are of particular usefulness for biblical study and research.

§          How read and search books at

v       Semantic and Structural Analysis Publications at Amazon or the SIL Bookstore (These commentaries on various books of the New Testament diagram the logical structure of each book and of each passage within the book and also propose a “theme” statement (a.k.a. an “exegetical idea”) for each passage within the book.  Preachers looking for starter suggestions for exegetical ideas will benefit greatly from these works.)


v       Links for Biblical Research

Resources for New Testament Exegesis

Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology (Articles on the theology of each book of the Bible and on various themes and issues in biblical theology.)

Biblical Theology Briefings: Biblical Theology Articles (Helpful articles on various issues in biblical theology.)

Denver Journal (A website with book reviews from an evangelical perspective.)

The Review of Biblical Literature (Reviews of hundreds of books on biblical subjects [written by people from all over the religious and theological spectrum]).

The Paul Page (Dedicated to the New Perspective on Paul)

The Perseus Project Word Study Tool (For parsing and doing searches for any Greek word.)

Liddell & Scott’s Greek-English Lexicon

The Online Greek Bible (26th edition of the Nestle-Aland text)

The Unbound Bible (Search the Greek New Testament, Hebrew Bible, Septuagint or a modern translation.)


v       Links to Illustrative Materials (News, cultural analysis, illustrations)

Search the World Wide Web with Google (use quotation marks to find an exact phrase)

Use the Google Advanced Search feature

Search News at Google News




Visit Books & Culture: A Christian Review

Visit Christianity Today Movies

Search media reviews from Focus on the Family

Search periodicals through Infotrac and the Gale Group Databases (logon through your local public library)

Search books at

Read First Things, the Journal of Religion and Public Life

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Search for sermon illustrations at Christian Globe

Search for sermon illustrations at Biblical Studies Foundation

Search funny stories from the Canadian Reader’s Digest

Subscribe to the American Reader’s Digest

Search for images with Google Advanced Image Search

Search for images with AltaVista Image Search

Search for music at iTunes

Browse or search for comics at


Pastoral Counseling Resources

          Visit the Journal of Pastoral Counseling

          The American Journal of Pastoral Counseling

The Wabash Center’s links for Pastoral Counseling and Ministry

Websites for Mental Health Professionals


v       Remember what plagiarism is and how to avoid it


v       Software/Web Tutorials (this link will bring you to a briefcase site where you can access the following tutorials):


v       Basic Searches with BibleWorks

v       Basic Searches with Perseus Project

v       Searching Brill’s Dead Sea Scrolls in English

v       Searching Brill’s Dead Sea Scrolls in Hebrew

v       How to Read Virtually Any Greek Text (hyperbolically named)

v       Bibliographic Research Software/Web Resources

v       EBSCO Tutorial. (Prepared by James Darlack.  Access it here rather than through the link above)